I am the River

These thoughts have been ruminating & this work has been an unfinished draft for several years. Today, I realize that the very nature of these thoughts demand that it be left unfinished – a perpetual work in progress. Please excuse my indulgence and journey into untraditional prose.

Go with the flow

Turbulent rapids

Waves crashing

Boats smashing

Calm flatwater

Swimmers, kayaks

Sailboats, rowboats

Moving in the same direction

Different paces

Equally supported

I create the flow

I am the river

I am the current

I am the course


This beautiful story from RadioLab of finding meaning in senseless loss. Well worth the 25 minute time commitment. Gray’s Donation


Much like the river never being the same water twice; each time I listen to this song, I am hearing with new ears.

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