How a change in perspective has changed the meaning of one of my essential questions.

How Can I Change Where I Work?

In my desire to strive for more, to reach higher, and achieve more, this question has always been in the back of my mind – propelling me upward and fueling my goals. Over the years, my experiences have given me a broader perspective and I see that this has always been 3 questions and I was not answering the right one.

How Can I Change Where I Work?

As a young professional, I was always reflecting on this question. Seeking out professional development and training to become more marketable in order to get a better job – to change where I work. I began to find that no matter where I worked I was always going to have the same drive to accomplish more. Changing the physical place where I worked was not satisfying my ambition.

How Can I Change Where I Work?

Then, as I became more confident and experienced, I found that there was a second question in there. Changing jobs is not always the best solution; sometimes it is better to affect change where you are. I began change the environment that I worked in by sharing my experiences and coaching others.

How Can I Change Where I Work?

Now, looking back, I find that I have been overlooking the most important question all along. Changing the physical place and the situation that I am in are less impactful and often more frustrating than changing myself. How can I change? That is the ultimate question because that is the only thing under my direct control. I have accepted that in any team there will be members who are at different places on the journeys. Their contributions will all look different but are all equally valuable.

When I find myself craving more, I dig deeper and realize that all I can effectively change is myself. The new question becomes

What am I able to do to improve myself and my practice?

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